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How To Develop The Biceps

This Blog will give the readers a better understanding on how to develop the biceps of your dreams. Throughout the years of working in a gym I have had a lot of clients come to me and asking me "why do my biceps never get sore? why cant I ever build bigger biceps They have been doing bicep workouts for years with no progress or very little progress. To start with some people are just genetically gifted that will account for about 30% of clients but don't be discouraged you can still build great biceps with the right knowledge and understanding. yes, you may have to work harder , but don't be discouraged. The first thing I look at with bicep work is how developed your forearms are. Now since the brachioradialis muscle of the forearms and the brachialis has a lot to do with bicep development I really focus on reverse grip bicep curls and also hammer grip curls You cannot develop bicep strength with weak forearms since they have a synergist relationship. For every bicep workout I will switch between working different areas of the forearms along with doing that we need to determine the strength curve for each exercise you have selected. Have you ever done a seated bicep curl and noticed how you have tension at the beginning of the lift into the middle of the lift then lose tension up top? that's because the tension at the top goes directly into the Anterior deltoid the front of the shoulder To do a seated bicep curl correctly you need to stop the lift at the middle of the movement which would be the mid point of the strength curve that will make sure you have constant tension on the bicep and in return you will give that muscle the ability to get sore and grown correctly. I brake bicep work into three categories and I will give an example Spider curls will give you most tension at the top of the lift that will develop the top end of the strength curve. Preacher curls on the bench that exercise will focus on the lower end of the strength curve, then seated bicep curls will focus on the mid range of the strength curve those would be the three different lifts that focus on the top, middle and low end of the strength curve Switching between those three movement every 2-4 weeks and adding in more hammer grip curl and reverse grip curl work in time will ultimately give you better bicep development and even the biceps of your dreams.


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